What Do I Do?

What do I do

Get things started and moving fast with a powerful operational skillset, led by an even stronger capability spanning the range of generational strategic planning to tomorrows tactics, all underpinned by a pragmatic understanding of professional finance, compliance, regulation and good practice. Good HR and team building skills, based on practical experience and a broad and deep personal network.

  • I ensure we all set off in the right direction, at pace, and don’t break anything or anyone irreplaceable on the way.


What’s in the box

A creative, general-purpose problem solver providing sheer intellectual horsepower (that’s a client quote). Serious depth of analysis and rigour in following the (quantitative) evidence. Technology savviness and an understanding of what technology can and cannot do .IT moxie and data “foo”. Tiny smattering of creativity. Broadly and deeply connected in media, finance, politics and technology. Presentable at the highest levels of business and government.

  • While the team moves forwards, I help the team navigate around obstacles and open doors. If there is an answer, or a person, or a resource we need? I can normally find it.


Drivers and motivators

Strong believer in creating empowered teams that don’t need (or create their own) leaders. Committed to the values of democracy, inclusion, collaboration, diversity and ecological sustainability. Convinced that it is more sustainable, more rewarding and easier to do good than it is to do evil.

  • Wherever possible, I try to give more than I take, and leave things better than I found them.


Can I prove this?

As CFO, took a start-up from £0 to £82m revenue in 30 months. Crashed a start-up into the ground in 4 years after raising £3m as CEO. Have learned the difference, thanks to 13 years of training at Deloitte helping me understand 18 years of business.

Recent relevant experience

  • Board of South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership
  • Horatio, Valhalla and Flix Innovations
  • Unitum Group


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