A Hobby – Gig Photography

I was lucky enough to be invited to photograph new bands at the Handmade Festival in Leicester with Gordon Tant ( @125f8 ) at the weekend. It is a tough gig. Literally. The lighting is against you, the rooms are dark. ISO is cranked right up. There is smoke, haze, and a room full of trip hazards. The fans don’t want you in their eyeline, and the band want to jump over you.

Some shots turn out ok.


This was really a good night out. Admittedly, I barely heard the bands as I was wearing super thick ear protectors. Utterly essential as the snapper pit is right in front of the speaker stacks and the volume can be crushing.


It is also wonderful to see young talent sparkling and growing their abilities. They are good to talk to, and always benefit from a little coaching and networking.

There is real fun to be had in the crowd. They are experiencing something important to them, and it ought to show on their faces and in every image.


Sadly, it is the band that gets the attention. Mostly…



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