The Little Stings That Life Brings

Nettles, originally uploaded by davidjwbailey.

It has been a particularly fine year for nettles in England: warm, damp and plenty of fertiliser run off. I should know, as I have run through thousands of them this summer in my efforts to get fit. Every path seems to overgrow with them. I'm tempted to draw an analogy with being a CEO in a VC funded tech company, and even more tempted to use them as an analogy for what the banking sector is going through with Lehman and Merrill this week. But I won't. I'll just keep on running through them, then I'll send my son along with a big stick to whack them all down. So much for nettles; they are no match for determination.

(note to US readers: nettles sting. really sting, right there and then, none of that delayed poison oak pussying about)

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